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What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been…

My work life began in a law office, first as a legal secretary, shortly thereafter advancing to paralegal – which, not coincidentally, is what the protagonist in my mystery series does for a living.

But that’s just the start of it. In 2013, after a career heavy on marketing but which also included real estate sales, sales training and management, and even ownership of a year ’round Christmas shop, I picked up a pen laptop and began to write. Today I am a full-time writer of mysteries with a shot of humor.

While hard at work on Book 2 in my series, I’m also building an online following of both writers and fiction fans around my adventures in the writing life. Here, I’ll share the challenges and triumphs of my journey as well as snippets from my current work-in-progress (WIP).

I invite you to come hang out here as often as you like and tell me about what you’re reading or writing. You can subscribe to receive my latest blog posts via email at the top of the right-hand column (“Be the First to Know”), or follow me on any number of social media channels (also in the right-hand column).

I’m lucky that the marketer in me just won’t die, since the realities of the publishing industry in the 21st century require that authors do everything possible to assist in their own visibility. So, in those few hours a week that I’m not writing fiction and keeping up my own online presence, I’m happy to help other writers – those who also understand that writing is a business – create and maintain an engaging author platform that will help boost their career. But here, it’s all about the writing. 😉


That I didn’t start writing in my 20s.

The 3 Things That Made All the Difference…

  1. Believing in love at first sight
  2. Our daughter, who is bright and beautiful and the writer I can only dream of being
  3. Having parents, a spouse, and mentors who believed I was already better than I dared dream I could ever be

10 Things I am Grateful for…

  1. Childhood friendships that have lasted into adulthood
  2. Having always lived near the ocean and now, at last, on what I consider to be the most beautiful of America’s islands
  3. The care and support of my writer friends
  4. The knowledge that the Universe is always conspiring on my behalf
  5. The muse that sometimes disappears for a weekend getaway or a brief shopping trip, but always returns with goodies for me
  6. A mind that just can’t stop asking, “What happens next?”
  7. A sense of humor that is, in turns, bawdy, absurd, dry, snarky, and inappropriate
  8. The great luxury of being able to pursue my passion for storytelling full-time
  9. The abiding presence of loved ones who’ve crossed over
  10. The good, bad, happy, sad, astounding, confounding, maddening, hilarious, implausible, curious, heart-breaking, heart-warming, mystical, and wondrous events of my life that light the fuse, shoot off into space, and burst and sparkle and crackle into stories that will live on long after I am gone.

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