Sisterhood and Friendship

Machu Picchu Sunrise

Part of a very special circle of strong and wonderful women, I wrote this poem about sisterhood and friendship as we await the outcome of our friend Nola’s mastectomy.

Machu Picchu was one of Nola’s “bucket list” places, and visiting that sacred place had a significant spiritual impact on her. Last night I couldn’t sleep, thinking about her, but I could clearly see her in the Temple of the Sun at dawn, and I feel she’s going to be okay. We’re all going to be okay.


The mountain whispers
Leave your cares with me, dear child, run free
Lightened, unburdened, laughter trilling on the wind
She ascends, the ridge disappearing under slippered soles
In the Temple of the Sun she holds the orb itself in upturned palms
Blows a kiss
Sparks fly, landing gently on the cheeks of all who love her
Sisters glowing brightly as the new day dawns.

                                                                                                ~L.C. Rooney