First Book in the Riley Russell Mystery Series, by L.C. Rooney

Riley Russell’s success as a freelance paralegal has allowed her to purchase a sweet little bungalow all her own where she can start over, six months after ending a twisted and tumultuous two-year relationship with collectibles dealer and local hotshot Chris Fiorelli.

With the ink barely dry on the mortgage papers, Riley’s biggest client, Harrington & Malloy, comes calling with what could be her highest profile case ever. But the decision to work on this defense team won’t be an easy one. The news is blanketing the airwaves: Chris is accused of murdering local heiress Victoria Landon, the woman who replaced Riley in his life. Only Riley knows that her ex’s “no priors” is on paper only, and she’s got the scars – both physical and emotional – to prove it. But a case is a case, and she’s got a mortgage payment coming due in mere weeks. With assurances from attorney Bill Harrington that he’ll handle all the face-to-face with Chris, Riley sets out to help prove the innocence of a man she knows is anything but.

As she weaves together the tenuous threads of a reasonable doubt defense, Riley learns that Victoria’s murder is just the tip of a very large, very dark iceberg that looms over many of her hometown’s most influential families, as well as her own.

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Book Excerpt: Tequila Sunrise

  It's National Tequila Day! In honor of my (and main character Riley's) favorite adult beverage (margarita, of course!), here's a little excerpt from the book: "The next morning was not kind to me. Razor-sharp slashes of sunlight sliced through the blinds in Kate’s...

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You Can Go Home Again

My lobster-plated Subaru crawls through a sea of butter-colored license plates, bumper-to-bumper on the northern reaches of the Garden State Parkway. Even were there no other outward signs (there are), the traffic alone screams, "You're a long way from Maine." Still,...

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Cirque du Squirrellay

Fun stuff from the book: In my novel, you will come upon a phrase you likely have not heard before: Cirque du Squirrellay. How it plays into the story, you will have to wait to find out.  But this, friends, is a performance of Cirque du Squirrellay. Turn up your...

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A New Look for Spring

Spring is in the air here on Mount Desert Island. A couple of 50-degree days have left major snowbanks mere molehills of their former selves. And even though Accuweather is forecasting an additional 3-6 inches of snow for tonight into tomorrow, this week still seemed...

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Sisterhood and Friendship

Part of a very special circle of strong and wonderful women, I wrote this poem about sisterhood and friendship as we await the outcome of our friend Nola's mastectomy. Machu Picchu was one of Nola's "bucket list" places, and visiting that sacred place had a...

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My Job Is Cooler Than Yours

It's two o'clock in the morning and I'm burning up the internet, brainstorming with a retired police officer about what happens when a local police investigation runs head-on into an undercover FBI operation, among other scenarios. Yes, it's true: my job is cooler...

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What I Gave Up for Lent

For Lent, I gave up excuses. I decided to buckle down and write 500 words a day for 40 days. This would result in my manuscript reaching 28,000 words by Easter. Here's how that turned out... There were nights (I write almost exclusively after dark) I would write 1,500...

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